Frequently Asked Questions

What won’t you buy?

Please remove all plastic and Mardi Gras beads along with any shell items. We do not buy any wooden, handcrafted, sentimental pieces, or dealer lots. If we determine it’s a junk drawer, searched lot, or jewelry that you do not have title to it will be rejected and we reserve the right to discard. You will be responsible for return shipping.

How much is my jewelry worth?

Some pieces are good for craft, repair, or melt, what is worth current scrap value. Other pieces of jewelry can go in to the hundreds or thousands of dollars range.

How will you determine the value of my items?

We have years of combined expertise in the jewelry business along with GIA diploma partners. We also use special instruments, certain paid websites and books to reference and determine value.

What other factors can affect the value of my jewelry?

We look at jewelry in a completely differently way than you do. It may not look attractive to you, but to us, it may be identified as a rare, signed find, and is therefore a very valuable piece. Missing stones, excessive wear and tear, pieces that are broken or missing parts will be greatly diminished in value. An appraisal, original packaging or a certificate of authenticity will increase value.

What other jewelry items do you buy?

Belt buckles, cufflinks, tie tacks, pins, medals, broken gold, dental gold, silver, platinum, platinum bars or coins and more. It is best to send the entire contents of the lot of jewelry and let our experts determine the value of all the items.

What's in your jewelry box?



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