Host a Gold Party

Host a Gold Party!

Profit from your jewelry box while spending time with your friends and family while going back in time!

Each item will be examined and tested at NO COST to you. There is no pressure to sell your gold, silver, or platinum goods when we provide free quotations on them.

On the total amount paid out for your party, we pay 10% to the person or hosting group. The typical hostess or host earns $400. Additionally, we provide FREE food and guidance on how to have a successful party that can increase your revenue.  To book your gold buying party, call us right now.

Set up a fundraiser!

This is a quick and enjoyable way to raise money for a worthwhile cause from which everyone benefits! On the spot, guests will receive top dollar for their Gold, Silver, and Platinum items, and at the conclusion of the party, 10% of all sales will be donated to your charity, cause, or organization! To book your fundraising party, call us right now.




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